Harmanpreet played a winning shot by hitting a six. Amelia Kerr bolded Sneh Rana, and Ismail took a running catch.

Amelia Kerr

Defending champions The Mumbai Indians secured their second consecutive win in the Vemans Premier League Season 2. On Sunday, Mumbai defeated the Gujarat Giants by five wickets. The Gujarat Giants, batting first, scored 126 runs for nine wickets in 20 overs. Mumbai responded by reaching the goal of 127 runs in 18.1 overs.

Captain Harmanpreet Kaur played a brisk inning of 46 runs off 41 balls. She made a winning shot by hitting a slog sweep. Meanwhile, Amelia Kerr, who took four wickets, bowled out Sneh Rana.

1.Amelia Kerr bowled out Sneh Rana.

Mumbai Indians bowler Amelia Kerr dismissed Gujarat Giants' Sneh Rana. On the fourth ball of the 13th over, Amelia bowled a googly on the off-side. Rana failed to read the ball and attempted to play a shot forward. The ball went straight between her bat and pad, hitting the stumps, and Rana was bowled out. Rana scored 0 runs and got out after facing only 2 balls.

2.Kirtan dropped Kanwar's catch.

Mumbai Indians' all-rounder Satyamurti Kirtan Balakrishnan dropped Tanuja Kanwar's catch. Kirtan was bowling in the 17th over. On the third ball of the over, Tanuja played a shot towards the off-side, and the ball hit Kirtan's hands but slipped away. Due to the pace of the ball, Kirtan couldn't hold onto it, and Kanwar survived the catch. Kanwar managed to accumulate 28 runs from 21 deliveries.

Kanwar got a lifeline when she was on 15 runs.

*      Natalie Seaver ran out

Mumbai Indians' all-rounder Natalie Seaver-Brant got run out. On the fourth ball of the 8th over, a length ball outside off-stump was played by Harmanpreet Kaur towards backward point. The batter advanced for the run; meanwhile, Tanuja Kanwar moved to her left and made an accurate throw towards the wicket. Due to Seaver's slow running, she couldn't reach the crease on time, and wicketkeeper Beth Mooney ran her out without wasting time. Seaver scored twenty-two runs.

*      Natalie Seaver hit four boundaries in her inning.

*      Ismail took a running catch.

Mumbai Indians' player Shabnim Ismail showed outstanding fielding. In the 14th over, on Amelia Kerr's ball, Ashley Gardner played a big shot towards the on-side. During this, Shabnim Ismail ran from long-off and took a perfect running catch while running, dismissing Gardner.

Ismail took three wickets while bowling.

*      Tanuja slipped while batting and was stumped out.

Gujarat Giants' player Tanuja Kanwar slipped while playing a shot during her batting. On the fourth ball of the last over of the innings, Tanuja was waiting for the ball to come towards the stumps, but Amelia Kerr bowled an off-side delivery. Tanuja was already advancing, and in an attempt to connect the shot, she slipped, and then wicketkeeper Yastika Bhatia stumped her out.

Amelia Kerr took a total of 4 wickets.

*      Harmanpreet won the match by hitting a six.

Mumbai's captain, Harmanpreet Kaur, won the match by hitting a six. Sneha Rana came to bowl in the 18th over. On the first ball of the over, Harmanpreet played a slog sweep, hitting a six in the cow corner, ensuring the team's second consecutive win. Harmanpreet scored 46 runs.



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